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From meetings to diagrams. Storing your notes, redesigning systems or even keeping a doodle. The Echo Desktop is perfect for any kind of business or studies.

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The Echo Desktop app is perfect for your computer both at home, the office, or even when using your computer in transit between them all. 

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A pencast is an interactive format that allows you to link recorded audio to your notes. Pencasts allow you to hear, see and relive notes exactly as they were captured. By simply tapping on any word, you can hear what was recorded at the exact moment you wrote it.

How do I create a pencast?

To start recording a pencast, simply tap the record button that appears at the bottom of each page of your Livescribe notebooks with your smartpen. Using the microphone on your Echo smartpen, everything will be recorded and automatically linked to all your notes and sketches.

How do I play back my pencasts?

Your Echo smartpen is equipped with a speaker that allows you to play back pencasts directly from your pen. Using your smartpen, simply tap on your notes and the audio recorded at that moment in time will play back through the smartpen’s speaker.

You can also play back your pencasts from Echo Desktop. By exporting your pencasts from Echo Desktop, you can also review your pencasts using the Livescribe Player or Livescribe+, our free mobile app.